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What are public address, private address and secret phrase?

The public address or public key is a randomly generated set of numbers and letters which represent a type of unique number similar to a bank account number and can be created for free by anyone, within a matter of seconds without needing a third party. You can freely share your public address with others. That way, people can send cryptocurrencies to your address.

The private key or private address should be kept private, as their name suggests. You can think of them as a kind of PIN or verification code, which, together with its corresponding public address grants you access to the actual funds on the blockchain.

The secret phrase or seed phrase or mnemonic phrase is generated by your crypto wallet when you first set it up, which stores all the information needed to recover crypto funds on-chain. Anyone with the Secret Phrase for a wallet has access to the wallet and all its stored assets.

What is the difference between Private Key and Secret Phrase?

  • Private key is usually an access key to just one address (account), while secret phrase is an access key to the whole wallet, which can hold multiple addresses.

  • Wallets use secret phrases as both an access key and instruction to set up all addresses (accounts). Wallets always create the same set of addresses and private keys from a given seed phrase.

  • If your secret phrase is lost or destroyed, you will not be able to get your assets back, ever. This is why it is important to protect your seed phrase with a solid crypto backup.

You should NEVER, under any circumstances, share your private key(s) or secret phrase with any other person. It’s best to store them in the most secure way possible (e.g. on a paper wallet or a hardware wallet).

Where do I get my public and private key?

Public address: Tap shorten address right under the Total asset in the homepage or wallet screen - which will let you copy the account's address to the clipboard.

Private key: Go to Settings → Security → Show private key. Fill in password then you will see your private key.

What is the difference between the account and wallet?


Wallets store the private keys used to access your funds. To start sending and receiving funds on Fizen Wallet, you must have at least one wallet.

The different wallets you manage on your device are unrelated to each other. If you lose access to the funds in one wallet (for example because you lost your secret phrase), the funds in the other wallets are not affected.


An account is a subsection of a wallet that allows you to separate funds without the need to create multiple new wallets. By default, each wallet you create comes with one account.

Accounts are tied to the wallet in which they are created. The secret phrase for your wallet unlocks access to all accounts inside that wallet. If you lose the access to your wallet, you lose the access to all accounts inside the wallet.

How to backup your Fizen Wallet from Secret Phrase?

It is of utmost important to back up and store your Secret Phrase safely, as anyone with the Secret Phrase will get access to all assets in the wallet. There are two ways to do this:

1) Backup the Secret Phrase when installing a new Fizen Wallet

  1. During the setup of a fresh installation of Fizen Wallet, click ‘Create wallet’

  2. Input the required fields and you will be prompted to go to the Backup wallet screen

  3. Here you will see Secret Phrase. Please be sure to store your Secret Phrase in a safe place.

  4. Enter your Secret Phrase and follow the prompts.

Not recommended: You can skip the backup stage and use the assets at your own risk. We’ll highlight the security risk and you will still be able to backup your wallet.

2) For an existing Fizen Wallet installation, backup from Settings

  1. Select 'Settings' in the sidebar

  2. Tap “Security” then “Reveal seed phrase”

  3. Confirm your password

  4. Enter your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase

  5. Click 'Backup'

How to reset your wallet?

Before trying these steps, confirm that you have your Secret Phrase with you, as you will risk being locked out of your wallet forever.

  1. Select 'Settings' in the sidebar

  2. Tap “Security” then “Reset Wallet”

  3. You will see the message “If you proceed to RESET the wallet on this device, all current data on the wallet will be removed. The result is permanent and cannot be reversed. You can only recover this wallet with the Secret Phrase that you stored.

  4. Swipe to reset wallet

  5. You will now be directed to the homepage and will be able to import an existing account with the Secret Phrase

How to reset your password?

You cannot reset your password.

Another way around is to reset wallet then create new password. If you proceed to RESET the wallet on this device, all current data on the wallet will be removed. The result is permanent and cannot be reversed. You can only recover this wallet with the Secret Phrase that you stored.

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How to delete my account ?

Due to the nature of the blockchain, users cannot permanently delete an account. If you no longer want to use Fizen Wallet, simply uninstall it.

As Fizen Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, we do not own or store your private keys or secret phrase. Please make sure to store them safely before uninstalling the application, since you may lose your account forever.

What do I do if I accidentally delete my wallet?

Once your wallet is created, it will exist on the blockchain forever. However, it is possible to restore a wallet by importing the Secret Phrase that you previously backed up.

How to import an account?

  1. Click the Account and Network dropdown from Homepage or Wallet page

  2. Select Account tab

  3. Select Import Account

  4. You will be directed to the import page. Paste your private key and tap “Import”

See What is the difference between the account and wallet?

How to export an account’s private key?

  1. Select 'Settings' in the sidebar

  2. Tap “Security” then “Show private key”

  3. Confirm your password

  4. You can now see your private key.

Exporting your account could be risky as your private key will be displayed on the screen. Therefore, make sure that no one else can see your screen or is able to take a screenshot while you retrieve your private key. This will avoid the potential loss of your assets.

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